Origami for Kids: Learning the art of paper folding

Rs. 900

Ages 8 –15 years

Origami is the Japanese art of creating three-dimensional paper forms through intricate patterns of folding. The art of origami is a joyful craft and can be practiced anywhere, with minimal material requirement.  

We are thrilled to be hosting our first children's workshop at Nila House led by origami artist Aditi Anuj of Adigami Studio. Aditi has created a special child-friendly origami session that will take our young friends through the fundamentals of this beautiful craft.  

The endless possibilities with paper-folding encourages children to express themselves creatively, opening up a sense of freedom to visualise and create three dimensional shapes by transforming a single sheet of paper. 

The session is inclusive of all craft materials, which will be provided by Nila House. 

Registrations close on 10th December, 6 pm IST. Keeping in mind health and safety measures, we will be limiting this session to 5 participants, on a first-come basis. 

For any further queries, please email us at info@nilajaipur.com. 

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